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This page is to be used to sign up for Celestial Knights trials or to join the team.

13 & 27 February 2022

8h30 - 10h00 | 10 & 11's
10h00 - 11h30 | 12's & 13's
11h30 - 13h00 | 15's
13h00 - 14h30 | 17 & 19's

Trials 10, 11, 12's
We can select our full squad of 14 players.

Exhibition 13, 15, 17, 19's
Exhibition on these days is for cricketers to come and show themselves to us.

We can retain or gain 8 players, thereafter we fill our squads at the Player Draft.  To select a player at the draft we need to know who they are and how they play.

*Retained players are from our own squads in 2021.
*Gained players are from players who have not played LPL before.
*There are no transfers in the junior age groups.  Players not retained are added to the Player Draft.