Batting Skill Development Camp


Our batting skill development camps are overseen by Byron Geyve (KS Head Coach).  Coach Byron can be supported by any of our academy coaches and other external experts throughout the duration of any specific course.

Mental Game School: Jody Martins – Mental Performance Coach & KS Owner.

Duration: 5 Day (25-hour course).

Next Batting Skill Development Camp
Dates: TBC
13 – Senior Players

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Our batting skill development camps are designed to develop the modern batsman/woman into well-rounded players that can dominate all formats of the game.  The program coaches the technical, tactical and mental skills needed to excel at the highest level.

Program Outline:

Day 1 – The Basics
Day 1 sees us go through the basics of batting.  After an initial technical analysis, we will reinforce the basics of bat swings and body positions.

Day 2 – Strengths
On day 2 we will focus on the players’ strengths and how that translates to scoring in all formats.  Clarity of own individualized game plans and the first mental game school are all part of the day.

Day 3 – Pace and Spin
Day 3 we focus on strategies against pace and spin.

Day 4 – White ball cricket
Day 4 will include strike rotation, power-hitting, and approach to 50 over and T20 batting.

Day 5 – Performance
On day 5 we will have the second mental game school session, which will form the foundation for training for performance and getting ready to play.