Bowling Skill Development Camp


Our bowling skill development camps are overseen by Matthew Arnold (KS owner and first-class cricketer).  Coach Matt can be supported by any of our academy coaches and other external experts throughout the duration of any specific course.

Mental Game School: Jody Martins – Mental Performance Coach & KS Owner.

Duration: 12-hour course.

Next Bowling Skill Development Camp
Dates: TBC
13 – Senior Players

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Our bowling skill development camp is a program that educates bowlers on what it takes to be a world-class bowler.  Other than technical and tactical skills work we cover warm-ups, strength and conditioning for bowlers, analyzing bowling actions, and some key components from our Mental Game School.

The program includes:

Session 1 – Warm-up, Fit for Bowling & Bowling Video
During the first session we teach Warming up for Fast Bowling as well as the correct basic movements all fast bowlers must know from a Strength & Conditioning point of view, we video each bowler from 3 angles and might start some technical work.

Session 2 – Analysis of Bowling
Session 2 focuses primarily on teaching each bowler how to analyze their bowling action.  We teach the core skill components that are essential through the stages of the bowling action (run-up, set position, action, and follow-through). This is followed by drill work on the key things each bowler can improve in their actions.

Session 3 – 6: Implementing Individual Growth
Over the remaining 4 weeks, we assist each bowler to implement the changes in their action.  As the course progresses we add in strategic elements as is needed for each bowler or the group.